Highland Bridge Development by Ryan Companies

Ford Site

The purchase of the Ford Site by Ryan Companies kicks off the development of the 21st Century Community envisioned by the City of Saint Paul.  This 135 acre site along the Mississippi River will  be a livable mixed-use addition to Highland Park that will support walking, biking and transit, and provide services, jobs and activities.  Development will include clean technologies and high quality design for energy, buildings and infrastructure.

Background information on the site and development can be found here.

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Construction Updates Around the Highland Bridge Site

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Ryan Co. HDC Annual Meeting April 17, 2024

Ryan Co. Stakeholder Update January 2024


Ryan Co. Stakeholder Update July 2023

AUAR DRAFT 2023 Presentation at May 16 HDC Meeting

UST/Ryan Community Meeting February 28 at Gloria Dei

Ryan AUAR and Parks Overview HDC February 21, 2023

UST Sports Complex Presentation January 24, 2023


November Highland Bridge Stakeholder Update

Port Authority Purchase of CP Spur October 18, 2022

UST & Ryan Baseball & Softball Site Plan Update October 18, 2022

Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) from 2019

Highland Bridge UST Update August 22, 2022 with Q and A

Highland Bridge UST Update June 21, 2022

Staff Report on Master Plan Amendments June 2022

Highland Bridge UST Update May 17, 2022


Highland Bridge Update December 1, 2021

Construction Update October 18, 2021

Parks at Highland Bridge

Ford Site Zoning and Master Plan Amendments: Open Space Lot Specific Standards

City Council Public Hearing TBD

Planning Commission Recommendation to City Council August 20, 2021

Stakeholder Update June 29, 2021

Highland Bridge Housing Update June 23, 2021

Planning Commission’s Presentation from June 11 (PDF)

Emma Norton Project

Nellie Francis Project

Medical Services Project


Meetings and Presentations

December 2020 Update from Ryan Companies on Highland Bridge

Ryan Companies Community Meeting October 28, 2020 Presentation

Presbyterian Homes Presentation to HDC October 20, 2020

June 16, 2020 Meeting Presentation

Variance – Lot 1 Block 3

Meeting Presentation 

2020 Proposed Zoning Changes 

Highland Bridge Parks

Archived Information