Much of the work of the Highland District Council (HDC) occurs within our three committees:

HDC committees have 9 members, which include 5-7 board members, 2-4 members of the community and 2 alternates. New committee members are voted in at each committee’s May meeting; please join the committee’s May meeting to be considered .All are welcome to attend committee meetings.

View upcoming meeting dates and get the links to join the virtual meetings at

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The work of HDC and our committees is guided by the Highland Park District 15 Plan, which was adopted by the Saint Paul City Council on September 4, 2019.

As stated in the Highland Park District 15 Plan:

“The purpose of this plan is to provide a 10-year vision with objectives and strategies to guide growth, investment, and development in the neighborhood. The goal is to ensure that this plan fits with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, reflects the aspirations and visions of our neighborhood, and helps frame the objectives and strategies to guide future decisions involving commercial and residential development, green space, transportation, and transit opportunities in the Highland Park neighborhood. This plan reflects the Highland District Council’s mission to “foster opportunities for the people that live, learn, work and play in Highland Park to engage and connect with neighbors, businesses and local government and to help build a more vibrant, welcoming, and safe neighborhood.”