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Ford Parkway 2017

Ford Parkway from Mississippi River Blvd and Howell 

The concrete pavement on the roadway leading to the Mississippi River Bridge on Ford Parkway from Mississippi River Bridge to Howell Street will be removed and replaced between August and November 2017. Erosion control measures will take place on the river bluffs below the bridge.

Ford Parkway Sewer Construction

Sewer construction on Ford Parkway near the intersection of Mount Curve includes constructing 70 feet of sanitary sewer shaft and two manholes. This work is to prevent sewer backups from occurring.  This project will be take place between April and August 2017.
Ford Sewer Construction
Letter to Residents

Ford Parkway Water Main Replacement

Water main replacement between Kenneth and Howell Streets will take place between April and August 2017.  This project is managed by  Saint Paul Regional Water Services (SPRWS).
Water Main Replacement