Sewer Lining Project 2020

In the spring thru fall of 2020, Public Works Sewer Utility will be rehabilitating deteriorated city owned sewers.  Instead of digging up the street and installing a new sewer pipe, the sewer will be repaired by installing a pipe liner within the existing sewer.  The sewer liner creates a new long-lasting pipe within the old sewer.

The contractor on this project is Granite, Inc

On Friday, February 7, postcards were mailed to property owners whose sewer service will be impacted by this work.  A copy of the notification postcard is attached.

Whom to Contact
Luke Holifield, Project Inspector
Phone: 651-266-9828, Email:
Shawn O’Keefe, Sewer Maintenance EngineerPhone: 651-266-9840, Email: Lining