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Randolph Ave Reconstruction – 2015-2016

Randolph Reconstruction


Ramsey County with the City of Saint Paul, is proposing to reconstruct Randolph Avenue between Syndicate Street and I-35E beginning in 2016.  The purpose of this project is to reconstruct an inadequate pavement structure, reconstruct aging underground utilities, and address congestion along the corridor.

Randolph Avenue Phase II Update – July 13, 2016

Randolph Avenue between Syndicate Street and Edgecumbe Road is scheduled to re-open to traffic Friday, July 15th, by the end of the day.  Traffic will consist of one lane each direction of travel,  parking restrictions will remain in effect for a few punch list items.  Sidewalks will re-open.

Randolph Avenue between Lexington Parkway and 35E is scheduled to re-open to traffic Friday, July 15th, by the end of the day. Two-way traffic will be maintained on Lexington Parkway and Randolph Avenue.  Sidewalks will re-open.

Randolph Avenue between Edgecumbe Road and Lexington Parkway is scheduled to be closed beginning Monday, July 18th.  During this closure Lexington Parkway will remain open with lane shifts.  Edgecumbe Road will also remain open, however, limited movements will be in-place while the intersection is being constructed, for example it may be only thru traffic or traffic may be forced to make right/left.  Access to the apartment complex along the south side of Randolph Avenue will be maintained.  The detour for this stage of the project will remain the same, Hamline Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, Victoria Street, with Lexington Parkway remaining open.

The contractor is planning to start at the Lexington intersection and get all work in that area complete, allowing the intersection to fully re-open.  The Edgecumbe intersection will also be constructed in a similar way with an emphasis on getting the intersection open as soon as possible.

After the 3rd stage is complete, Edgecumbe to Lexington, the final stage will include paving the final lift of bituminous pavement and final striping.  Randolph Avenue will be closed between Hamline Avenue and 35E to allow for this work.  An update will be sent out when the time gets closer.

Randolph Avenue Phase II update – June 6, 2016

Due to a material and utility conflict on Randolph Avenue between Lexington Parkway and the 35E ramps, Randolph Avenue will need to be closed to complete the planned work.  Xcel Energy Electric has a vault in conflict with the storm sewer on Randolph and Lexington which will need to be lowered.  Also due to sandy material the contractor is not able to safely excavate the road subgrade to allow for the necessary water and sewer work.

During the closure, all work between Lexington and 35E will be completed, except the final wear course of pavement and striping.  Work will include all underground utilities, base excavation, base course bituminous paving, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and traffic signals.

Randolph Avenue, between Lexington Parkway and 35E, will be closed beginning Monday, June 13th, for approximately 4 weeks, weather dependent.  Lexington Parkway will remain open to traffic.  35E ramps will remain open.  Traffic from the east will be detoured using Victoria Street, Jefferson Avenue, and Lexington Parkway/Edgcumbe Road(currently a detour).  Westerly traffic will be detoured using the existing detour of Hamline Avenue and Jefferson Avenue and will continue on Jefferson to Victoria Street and back down to Randolph Avenue(Lexington Parkway will remain open to traffic).

Randolph Avenue Phase II Update – April 29, 2016

Current Detour:  Lexington Parkway, Edgecumbe Road/Jefferson Avenue, Hamline Avenue.  Griggs Street and Edgecumbe Road are open through Randolph Avenue during the current phase.  Randolph Avenue is open to local traffic only between Lexington and Edgecumbe and Hamline and Syndicate to allow access to apartments and businesses.  Metro Transit has a bus detour route in place, the route uses Victoria Street, Jefferson Avenue, and Hamline Avenue.

Current Phase:  Work between Syndicate Street and Edgecumbe Road.  Work between 35E and Lexington Parkway(NE quadrant).  Current Phase scheduled to last approximately 8 weeks.

Randolph Avenue, Phase II, Syndicate Street to Interstate 35E began Thursday, April 28th.  Work has included sawcutting, tree removal, and utility work.  Saint Paul Regional Water has various work happening through the corridor.

The week of April 11th will include continued removals and utility work.  Work on the temporary traffic signal at Lexington Parkway will begin as well.  The existing signal will remain in operation until the temporary is complete at which time a switch will be made.  Lexington Parkway will remain open through the duration of the project.

Public Meeting – Wednesday, April 6, 2016
City Council Chambers
3rd Floor, City Hall-Courthours
5:30 p.m.
A public hearing to approve improvements on Randolph Avenue from Syndicate to 35E and Lexington 300’ south and 500’ north of Randolph.  

Project Information

Public Meeting – October 6, 2015
Highland Park Community Center
6:00 p.m.
Discussion of Randolph Ave reconstruction between Syndicate and I-35E.
Randolph Ave Reconstruction Meeting Notification                                                                                 

Public Meeting – June 11, 2015 
Highland Park Community Center
6:00 p.m.
Discussion of Randolph Ave reconstruction between Syndicate St and I-35E.



Ramsey County has identified Randolph Ave to be reconstructed in 2015 from Snelling Avenue to Syndicate St. The purpose of the project is to improve the deteriorating roadway by completely reconstructing it.

Construction Starts May 2015 and will end in October 2015

Randolph Ave. will be reconstructed between Brimhall and Syndicate streets in Saint Paul. The existing roadway will be replaced. The water main, sanitary and storm sewers will be repaired. Traffic signals and street lighting will be upgraded. Sidewalks will be replaced and curbs at intersections will be replaced with new, accessible ramps for pedestrians.

Questions about the project? Contact: Nick Fischer


2015 Project Discussion and Actions

Randolph Reconstruction Msg from Commissioner Ortega 042115

Randolph-Lexington Board Final Resolution 03132015

Design Options (February 2015) 

2014 Project Discussion and Actions 


Highland Park Community Center
February 4, 2015
6:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m.

Phase 2 will include Randolph Ave from Syndicate Street  to 35E

November 12, 2014 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Randolph Meeting Notification 11-12-14