Ford Parkway Storm Sewer Project

Ford parkway and WoodlawnBackground on the Ford Parkway storm sewer project

Project begins on Monday, October 3rd and continues through Mid-November.

The purpose of the project is to correct a drainage problem which has caused serious erosion on the bank under the Ford bridge. We will be installing 350 feet of storm sewer between the river bridge and Woodlawn Avenue, a one block stretch. The pipe will be installed down the center of the road and will be 10 feet deep. Also, the center median will be removed and replaced as part of the work. The project is expected to take three weeks. There will be a separate project next year for structural repairs to the bridge and reconstruction of the bank under the bridge. The storm sewer is being installed this fall to prevent further erosion on the bank.


Pedestrians – All the sidewalks will remain open to use. The crosswalk at Woodlawn, which goes through the construction work area, will be closed to pedestrians. The will be “Crosswalk Closed” signs installed during the project. Pedestrians will need to cross at Mount Curve Boulevard, one block to the east. Since the sidewalk is remaining open to foot traffic, we will not be installing a pedestrian detour.

Bikes – The Highway 5 bridge at the Mississippi River is under construction and closed to bikes at this time. Ford Parkway is on the designated bike detour route for Highway 5. There will be “share the road” signs on Ford during construction.

Buses – The bus rapid transit stops will remain in use during the project, even though the west bound buses will be stopping in the outside through lane. There will be signs which say “Be Prepared to Stop for Buses” posted during the project. The westbound local bus stop at Woodlawn will be closed – there will be a sign directing bus users to use the next stop to the east at Mount Curve Boulevard.

Cars – The inside travel lanes will be closed to traffic. The outside lanes (one in each direction) will remain open to traffic. Left turns to and from Woodlawn will be prohibited during the project and there will be a detour set up to accommodate that.


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