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Cleveland Avenue Water Main Replacement


Saint Paul Regional Water Services will be hiring a contractor to replace water mains below Cleveland Ave, Villard Ave, and Villard Ct. during the spring/summer of 2019.  Work will begin in late April or early May of 2019 (depending upon weather.) Water main replacement impacting Cleveland Ave. will begin prior to work on Villard Ave. or Villard Ct.

Cleveland and Villard Notification Letter (3)

Cleveland Water Main Replacement 2019

Project Information


  • The water main between Itasca and Ramlow has been replaced.  Per SPRWS standards, the new main will be bacteria tested before being returned to service to ensure that residents will have access to safe, high quality drinking water upon project completion.
  • SPRWS crews will continue working to the south of Ramlow.
  • SPRWS was fortunate to encounter sandy soils north of Ramlow, but we’ve entered into soils with higher clay content to the south of Ramlow.  When working in clay soils, it becomes increasingly important to keep soils dry.  Rainy days will likely inhibit progress unless soil composition changes again.
  • It is difficult to predict the remaining duration of the project with certainty.  At present SPRWS estimates that the remaining work on Cleveland may take approximately 6-7 weeks.  Weather, soils, and unexpected field conditions could speed up or slow down project progress, and actual project completion time may vary considerably from the present estimate.
  • The paving contractor currently plans to pave the full length of the roadway together at the end of the project.  SPRWS will continue to maintain temporary driveways and access to homes.

No other major changes are expected for the project.  Residents should expect that project impacts over the coming weeks will be similar to those observed over the course of the first few weeks of the project.

Project Information