Deadline to apply for Student Liaison position

5:00pm, Sunday, September 24, 2023

Do you live or attend high school or college in the Highland Park neighborhood? Are you passionate about local government, building community, and helping make your neighborhood a better place?

We’re looking for student liaisons in grades 11, 12 or college to serve as honorary board members, lending your perspective to our discussions on matters affecting Highland Park. You will be able to select, with guidance from staff, from a variety of focus areas depending on skills/interests, including serving on one of our committees (Community Development, Transportation, or Community Engagement).


  • Either your school falls within District 15 or you live within District 15 (Zip Code 55116)   
  • High school junior, high school senior or a college student
  • Interest in local government, environmental issues, and/or community engagement

HDC Student Liaison responsibilities and expectations

  • Term: 1-year to run September through June (with option to continue through summer)
  • Attend board meetings* (2 hours 1st Thursday evening of every month)
  • Attend committee meetings* (2 hours 2nd or 3rd Tuesday or 4th Monday evening of every month)
  • Additional volunteer opportunities, either at events or in other fields of service (optional)
  • Fulfill the fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience established by Minnesota law.
  • Declare all conflicts of interest the member may have in business that is before the Council.
  • Observe the privacy and confidentiality of the organization and abide by our Code of Conduct.

*Virtual zoom options available. Please Note: Student Liaisons’ votes will not count in passing resolutions and other board matters, but they can participate in regular board discussion and work with other board members to introduce topics.


All candidates must submit the following form by 5pm on Sunday, September 24.


Contact Kathy at [email protected] or call 651.695.4005.

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