HDC Board Members’ Favorite Businesses in Highland

As 2020 comes to a close, the Highland District Council continues to find creative ways to increase support for Highland businesses, restaurants and locally-owned franchises. It’s no secret that this year has been tough for all of us, and especially for the business community.

This year, we launched a Business of the Month program that will continue in 2021 along with partnering with the Highland Business Association on initiatives to increase the visibility of businesses in our area.

See below for some of our board members’ favorite businesses in Highland. Learn who represents your part of the neighborhood here.

Margaret Isom (Grid 4) – While it’s quite impossible to choose just one, a favorite business in Highland is Oxendales. “Oxies” has great produce (even bean sprouts) and a butcher (srirachi pork or other specials) to whip up something delicious. Oxies has anything else I need from spring roll wrappers to the full service post office. They provide a huge service in a small store that does it all, so I’m in and out in a few minutes. I might even be lucky enough to see a friend while I’m there. Thanks, Oxies!

Mathews Hollinshead (Grid 6) – Lunds has great staff, makes safety their first priority, is committed to the community and a new Lunds coming as part of Highland Bridge. We shop there almost every morning when it opens. They are a union shop, meaning staff have good pay, good benefits and great customer relations.

Kevin Gallatin (Grid 7) – My favorite business is Vina Vietnamese Restaurant. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and they have the best egg rolls in the Twin Cities. My other favorite dish is the Hot & Spicy Chicken. It’s just incredible! It’s one of our regulars and my kids like the pho.

Michelle Doyle (Grid 8) – There are so many great restaurants and businesses in Highland! One of our favorites is Maverick’s Pizza. We love the classic pizza, especially the Ultimate with olives.

Jim Winterer (Grid 9) – I like the Zantigo restaurant on West Seventh. I know it sounds like a chain, but it is a pretty small chain with just three in the Twin Cities and has an interesting history, including how it is related to another favorite of mine, Zanz in Mankato. I think we are lucky to have one of these in the neighborhood. They are always friendly. Right now it is drive-up only. Good food at reasonable prices. I hope they survive.

Bob Whitehead (Grid 10) – Frameworks Gallery is my favorite business in Highland. If you need art work framed, they can do it. And if you want to stroll through the gallery during one of their shows, it is a must see.

Nate Hurse (Grid 11) – My favorite business in Highland Park is TT Angel Nails in Sibley Plaza.

Rebecca Reiners (Grid 12) – One of my favorite businesses in Highland Park is Liquor Village. The staff are so helpful. They have a decent wine selection. They sell the Cava I drink at a reasonable price. And it is easy to get in and out of their parking lot. I love supporting this local liquor store!

Katherine Bell – It’s hard to pick my favorite restaurant, but I think it would have to be Cecil’s Deli. It has been a fixture in Highland since 1949 and has THE best grilled tuna in the Twin Cities. In fact it is the only place I eat when I want a tuna sandwich!

Sally Bauer (At Large) – My favorite business in Highland is The Nook (also Shamrocks, same owners, just slightly outside of Highland). They have the best burgers and fries in the cities. Pre-pandemic, we loved the family friendly atmosphere, friendly staff, affordable prices, and delicious food. In the midst of the pandemic, we especially appreciate their compostable take out packaging plus they’ve been using donations to giveaway food to those in need, no questions asked. For the holidays we’ll be taking advantage of their gift card deal: buy $100 in gift cards, get $25 free!

Peter Butler (At Large) – The Villager is the best news source for Highland and surrounding neighborhoods with in-depth coverage of city matters, meaningful human-interest stories and engaging letters to the editor and editorials. I bought a subscription and encourage everyone who values this resource to support it, too.

Kevin Vargas (At Large) – My favorite Highland business is Quixotic Coffee. My husband and I love to walk there and get coffee or tea to go. We also love heading there in the morning, eating some delicious pastries, and getting work done inside. The coffee shop just has a cool atmosphere!

Diana Tastad-Damer (At Large) – One of my favorite restaurants in Highland is Luci Ancora. They have the best homemade pasta and wonderful salads. Placing an order online and picking it up curbside is so easy and convenient.

Brad Reinboldt (At Large) – My favorite restaurant in Highland is Kim’s Kitchen. They have great staff, consistently great food — especially the Sesame Chicken. We try to order takeout once a week.

Jenna Strank (Staff) – One of my favorite places in Highland is Cold Front. I’d highly recommend the Salty Turtle Sundae. We’re purchasing gift cards for presents this year.