GRID 12 

Grid 12 Ballot

Rebecca Reiners – Grid 12 

What is your connection to the Highland Park neighborhood? I have lived in Highland Park for 30 years. I graduated from the College of St. Catherine. I previously lived at 740 River Drive for many years and currently rent at The Plaza, located along Shepard Road. I have attended and volunteered at many events in Highland Park and I remain active with the alumnae at St. Kate’s. I do a majority of my shopping and dining here as I like to spend my money with the many merchants I have come to know.
What makes the Highland District Council mission meaningful to you? The mission of the Highland District Council is straight forward. It includes:1)opportunities2)engagement3)vibrant, welcoming and safe. This mission holds community values not for just the local residents but for all who share our space and our efforts to keep its people the focus. We might not be Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives but we are simply the best place to live, work, visit and worship. Welcome Aboard Everyone!
What do you see as the greatest opportunities for our community? Two major things are happening in Highland Park:1. The Ford site development. Community members, local leaders and the Highland District Council Board have a grand opportunity to be instrumental in guiding how all the new housing, traffic, retail and transportation will merge with the current Highland Park community. We need to maintain our Village flavor AND welcome in the newness of the Ford development space and all it has to offer.2. We have a crime and personal safety problem in HP. It’s no secret that theft and burglaries have risen to an unprecedented number. Cars, tires, bikes, packages and garage items are being stolen daily. Lately cars have been approaching younger teens only to rob and beat them. We have two great opportunities here to ensure that HP remains a desirable and livable community. We must work harder with the police and each other on strategies to prevent crime and violence. We need to maintain our situational awareness and remain conscious of unwelcome and threatening events. There is a reason Community Policing works because it simply wears down the criminals and they move on. Keep Highland Park Safe and Thriving!
What do you see as the primary challenges for our community? 1. The condition of our roads. We have complained to the City many times for several years about the lack of keeping our streets drivable. We will need to step up our efforts to report those streets, parks, alleys that are not receiving the attention necessary. Soon we may have thousands of new community members, retail, cars and additional transportation and our roads and infrastructure needs to be solid in order to accommodate us all. The success of new development relies on us. Keep Highland Welcoming!2. Our varied faith-based community members. This year the Community Engagement Committee of HDC held an event and invited several local religious leaders to talk about their religion and culture. It is important that we are all cognizant of the diverse religions in our community. Peace and Good Will is something that has to be worked at and knowing this can only lead to a more welcoming and cohesive community. Keep Highland Socially Aware!3. Crime and Safety. I wrote about this briefly in the last question. I feel strongly that we can be better. The police only have so many resources to go around so that leaves it up to us to watch out for our neighbors, establishments, bikes and vehicles. Like our motto in the airline business: ‘if you see something, say something’. Schools, parents, youth activities and churches may need to start holding conversations with the youth they interact with and really reinforce the rules about strangers and our personal safety. Keep Highland Safe and Secure!
What strengths would you bring to the Highland District Council? I’m out-going and not afraid to reach out to new community members. I’m currently an officer on the Board and I am committed to do my very best for Grid 12 and our overall community. I have held senior management positions in my previous career so I have learned to be a ‘big picture’ type who can also put pen to paper and get things accomplished. I value collaborative efforts. I’m a negotiator. I value diversity and I value my community. This is my home and your home and I want to be an active part in our success. Grid 12 has a lot of apartments located within it. Although some of our dwellings here in South Highland may differ from the traditional tree-lined streets and homes other Grids may have, we are still very much a significant spoke in the wheel we call Highland Park. I bring commitment, engagement, passion for our diversity and enjoyment of serving on the Board.I am running to once again represent Grid 12 and I appreciate your support.