GRID 10 

Grid 10 Ballot

Bob Whitehead – Grid 10

What is your connection to the Highland Park neighborhood? I currently serve as the grid 10 representative, member of the community development committee and Treasurer of the HDC.
What makes the Highland District Council mission meaningful to you? I live the HDC mission each and every day. I have lived, worked and played in Highland for 35 great years. Because of my commitment to the neighborhood, I have a strong sense of community.
What do you see as the greatest opportunities for our community? We have a lot to look forward to with development of the Ford Site that will bring together 3800 mix of ownership and rental housing units .and the revitalization of Sibley Plaza that will make West 7th more walkable. With new housing brings residents to support our local businesses and services and provide a tax base for  our community.
What do you see as the primary challenges for our community? I see the primary challenges in Highland are affordable housing for younger and older households and transportation access throughout the community.
What strengths would you bring to the Highland District Council? I would continue to bring to the HDC 35 years of knowledge of the community with the ability to engage both residents and businesses for the common interest of the Highland Park.