Attention Highland Park: We want to learn what neighborhood issues matter most to you!

Open a business in Highland Park?

Saint Paul has many resources to help new business owners get started and be successful.  To get you started the City’s website has consolidated information under Open for Business  (insert link).  This site contains information on all aspects of business development from planning, site selection, permits and licensing and site and building plan review.  

The district council can assist new businesses with process for obtaining variances, weighing in on business plans and providing feedback to the city, as well as working with neighbors by  coordinating a community meeting present plans to the neighborhood.  

Attach current (or revised ENS process document – it we have it!) 

In addition, the Highland Business Association (HBA) is committed to promoting, representing and supporting the Highland Park Business Community.   The HBA works with local property owners and the City of Saint Paul on issues that are important to the economy of Highland Park. For information on joining the HBA go to: or contact Interim Executive Director, James Farnsworth at

Locate a faith community?  Here is a listing of faith communities that are located in Highland Park.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
700 Snelling Ave S
(651) 699-1378

Lumen Christi Catholic Community
2055 Bohland Ave
(651) 698-5581

Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality
1890 Randolph Ave · In St. Catherine University
(651) 696-2788

Holy Spirit Catholic Church
515 S Albert St
(651) 698-3353

Messiah Episcopal Church
1631 Ford Pkwy
(651) 698-2590

Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church
2149 Edgcumbe Rd
(651) 698-8220

Our Lady of Victory Chapel
Catholic church
2004 Randolph Ave · In St. Catherine University
(651) 690-8829

Adath Israel Synagogue
Orthodox synagogue
2337 Edgcumbe Rd
(651) 698-8300

Temple of Aaron
Conservative synagogue
616 Mississippi River Blvd
(651) 698-8874

Beth Chesed Sabbath Fellowship
1631 Ford Pkwy
(612) 315-6778