Hidden Falls/Crosby Farm Region Master Plan (5/21/20)

The master plan for Hidden Falls Crosby Farm Regional Park was adopted in June 2019. Since adoption, staff are searching for and exploring ways to fund improvement projects. As funding and opportunities become available through grant options and partnerships, the Department of Parks and Recreation will implement priority improvement projects identified and will communicate with the public. (See Master Plan Website).  


HDC Hidden Falls South - May 19, 2020, Presentation to Community Development Committee

2019 Flooding 
Significant Flooding occurred from May-September 2019, resulting in deposition of silt within the park and substantial coverage of recreational trails. City of Saint Paul Parks Department is working to remove the silt in areas that are detrimental to the park use. Please be advised when using trails to be safe and be aware there may be construction traffic in this area. 

Project Status  
Flood Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has allocated funds to address the silt deposition at Hidden Falls Crosby Farm Regional Park. The response plan is currently planned to occur in two phases.  

PHASE I:  Parks and Recreation Operations staff are working with contractors to remove excessive silt in the western area of Crosby Farm Park and along trails adjacent to the South Parking Lot in Hidden Falls Park. The silt will be deposited in the South Hidden Falls Parking Lot in anticipation of Phase II.

PHASE II: Reconstruction of the parking lot to reduce the amount of impervious surface and reconstruct trails to increase connection and recreational opportunities per the Master Plan recommendations for Hidden Falls Park South.