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Johnson Brothers (Shepard & Davern Development)

US Bank Site 2751 Shepard Road


The St. Paul City Council voted unanimously on June 3 to reject an appeal by the Friends of the Mississippi River to block Johnson Brothers’ plans to construct a mixed-use luxury apartment and commercial building on Shepard Road and Davern Street. However, the future of the project remains uncertain since the council also agreed, at the request of Ward 3 council member Chris Tolbert, to have the new building’s height scaled back from 73.5 to 60 feet. For the story, see the June 10 issue of the Villager.


Application for Appeal 1465+Davern+6-1 5/4/15
FMR SD Appeal Letter-1


Saint Paul Planning Commission City Hall Conference Center Room 40, 15 Kellogg Boulevard West April 24, 2015 8:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Agenda items:

#15-022-204 Shepard Davern Mixed Use Development – Variance of 40 foot River Corridor height limit and 55 foot height limit for a mixed use building in the T3 District to allow a maximum building height of 73 feet 6 inches. 1465 Davern Street, NW corner at Shepard Road. (Josh Williams, 651/266-6659)

#15-007-994 Shepard Davern Mixed Use Development – Site plan review for Shepard – Davern mixed use development (2,000 sq. ft. commercial space, 211 dwelling units). 1475 Davern Street, NW corner at Shepard Road. (Tom Beach, 651/266-9086)

Position of the Department of the Interior
Meeting Results

April 9, 2015 Board Meeting

Variance Request
2015-02-04 Project & Desription Variance
Shepard Development Site Location & Context
Shepard Plans, Section, Elevations Part 1
Shepard Phase 1 Perspectives
Shepard Phase 1 Sightline Study


Request for Variance 020315


Representatives of the Shepard & Davern Development and the Highway 5 Interchange Study presented preliminary plans to the Community Development Committee.  Below are documents shared at that meeting.


The Johnson Brothers Construction Company has advised that the Shepard Development Project will begin the grinding of concrete chunks this week. This will be a very noisy and dusty process that could last 30-60 days. The ground up concrete will be used for landfill. Grinding hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-5:30pm.

When the grinding is complete, the lot will be filled-in and leveled with dirt, then seeded with grass for the sake of appearance. One plan being considered for the lot is “luxury apartments”; however, the City of Saint Paul and Johnson Brothers must come to an agreement on the project before work can begin, and this could take months.

Johnson Brothers expresses their gratitude for the patience and endurance of the neighbors surrounding this project.