Shepard Davern Zoning Study Process


Zoning Study Process

Phase I – Community Discussion (June-July)
1. Map 1st Draft — First draft of “potential” zoning changes
2. PUBLIC INPUT – Community meetings to discuss and solicit feedback (June 16th and 24th)
3. Map 2nd Draft – Revise map to “proposed” rezonings, based on feedback

Phase 2 – Planning Commission (July – Sept)
1. “Proposed” rezonings presented to Planning Commission’s Neighborhood Planning Committee – if committee thinks it is ready, they recommend the proposed zoning changes for public hearing at PC
2. PUBLIC INPUT – Planning Commission (PC) holds public hearing on the proposed zoning changes
3. Neighborhood Planning Committee evaluates public hearing comments and may recommend revisions
4. Planning Commission votes on proposed zoning, may make changes, and recommends to City Council
5. Map 3rd Draft (optional) – Revise map to reflect PC “recommended” rezonings (if PC requested changes)

Phase 3 – City Council Review (Oct – Dec)
1. City Council receives and reads PC recommendation on zoning changes