Residential Design Standards

Residential Design Standards Study and Ordinance (scroll down page on City site)


Reconstruction and Rebuild fact Sheet_9.15

1. Require additions of 120 square feet of floor area or greater to adhere to 10% window and door openings minimum. (City‐wide)
2. Height reduction at side setback lines for single‐family properties, increases allowed with larger setback. (Districts 14 and 15)
3. Change in side setback requirement for RM1‐RM3 multiple‐family zoning districts to 9 ft., consistent with existing traditional building patterns in Saint Paul. (City‐wide)
4. Total maximum lot coverage – 45% for all buildings, including principle and accessory structures (such as garages). (Districts 14 and 15)
5. Sidewall articulation – required for building faces longer than 35 ft. in length, at least 1 ft. in depth and 6 ft. in length. (Districts 14 and 15)
6. Exceptions for expansion in nonconforming areas generally not visible from the street. (Citywide)
7. Additional minor amendments. (City‐wide)

Residential Design Standards – Background