St. Catherine Tennis Court Replacement Project

St Kate’s will replace their tennis courts and fix the drainage issues on campus in 2023.


May 19 – July 14
Site mobilization, mass excavation and utilities, tennis court demolition & grading, backfill.
Tennis court demo, auger and underground drainage, infill and asphalt.
This work is massive.  The stormwater improvements will match the earthwork and disturbance, however.  Currently, the neighbors on that side have water issues along the fence line.  This work will assure that for the next many decades water runoff will be managed better from St Kate’s side. No improvements will be seen, of course from the water running off from their property onto ours.

July 14th – Late August

The work will not be as loud.
Project is expected to be complete by end of August, to welcome the new athletes.

This is the Tennis Court Project Location Map