Board Resolutions (updated 5/28/20)





Nate Hurse & Midwest Recovery Rule 31 License Renewal CDC Resolution 12042017JCC Resolution Variance request 11212017
HDC Bike Rack Resolution 11022017
HDC City Follow up on Bike Plan Recommended Actions 11022017
JCC Resolution Variance request 11212017
HDC Resolution for Tiffany’s Expansion of Liquor License 11272017 (1)
1733 Highland Pkwy Variance Resolution 11022017
1692 Niles Variance Resolution 10172017
HDC Resolution for Carbones Expansion of Beer and Wine License 10172017
HDC Resolution of support for 1406 Cleveland Ave
HDC Resolution on Riverview Corridor-2
HDC Resolution for Short Term Rental 08282017
Resolution of support for 1392 Bayard Ave
HDC Resolution on Proposed MRB Realignment by Ford 05092017
Resolution in Support of Alchemy Health-Sport License 08102017
Ford Site Public Realm and Zoning Resolution 06022017
HDC Resolution for Full Liquor at Luci Ancora 05232017
Resolution of Support for CUP Kayak Rental at Hidden Falls
Final Resolution Snelling Ave Zoning 2017
JCC Resolution Variance request 04182017
MRB Re-striping Resolution 04112017
Resolution for VanGo -NCUP and License 04182017
1325 Hartford Variance Resolution 03212017
HDC Resolution in Support of Interfaith Solidarity
JCC Letter of Support 03222017
Letter of Support for Beer and Wine Quixotic 03212017
Resolution of Support for 1750 Highland Pkwy
HDC Supplementary Resolution on Snelling Median
Resolution of support for Trapped Variance 02282017