Board Members

Representatives (see grid map for boundaries)

Pictures of new grid representatives will be updated in the near future.

Howard Miller Grid 1 - President

Howard Miller, Grid 1      President      

Tim Morehead, Grid 2 

Lynn Varco, Grid 3

Kristina Mattson, Grid 4

Kristina Mattson, Grid 4

Paul Langenfeld, Grid 5 – Vice President 

Mat Hollinshead, Grid 6

Kevin Gallatin Grid 2

Kevin Gallatin Grid 7

Michelle Doyle, Grid 8

James Winterer, Grid 9

Bob Whitehead Grid 10  - Treasurer

Bob Whitehead Grid 10 Treasurer

Nate Hurse, Grid 11

Rebecca Reiners, Grid 12 – Secretary 

Sally Bauer At Large

Sally Bauer, At Large ’21

Matt McGuire, At Large ’21

Susan Duffy At Large '20

Susan Duffy, At Large ’20

Amy Schwarz, At Large ’20

Anne Langford HBA

Anne Langford, HBA

Kathy Soderberg W7BA

Kathy Soderberg, W7BA


Mike Lindsay, At – Large Alternate

Gary Martland, At – Large Alternate