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Help Wanted – Communication and Outreach Coordinator

“The Highland District Council is looking for a dedicated person to serve as our Communication and Outreach Coordinator. This position is the perfect role for a community member who is looking for ongoing part-time work (10-12 hours per week) and enjoys communicating with the people of the Highland Park neighborhood. Take a look at the job description… we’d love to hear from you. Interested applicants can apply at  .”


Fundraiser for Community Support

The Macalester-Groveland Community Council,  Highland District Council and Highland Business Association  are teaming up to host a fundraiser to support the volunteers and organizations responding to recently increased food deserts and ongoing COVID-19 efforts in the Twin Cities communities.

Donate to help provide PPE to community members and food drive volunteers!
Donate to help purchase nutritious food!
Donate to help purchase hygiene necessities for children, elders, and adults!

This fundraiser is ongoing. 100% of donations will be given directly to organizations and groups working to help communities.Food and PPE Drive rectangle

Residents and Business Owners Property Damage or Loss – Assistance from the Department of Commerce

The Minnesota Department of Commerce stands ready to assist business owners, property owners and renters in your community that experienced property damage or loss.

Attached please find two documents, one for business owners and one for residential property owners and renters, that contains information on making and filing insurance claims on damaged property. Commerce is committed to providing information for people in your community can access relief as quickly as possible and avoid scammers who may attempt to take advantage of the situation. Please share these with your email lists or newsletters as needed.

The Department of Commerce’s Consumer Services Center (CSC) helps consumers with questions, concerns, or complaints involving insurance claims. The CSC can help consumers understand their rights, work with their insurer to settle a claim, and help Minnesotans make informed insurance decisions.

The CSC can be reached by phone at (651) 539-1600 or by email at

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Leah Wilkes at with any questions.

Residential Property Owner or Renter Tips

Business insurance claim tips

Coyotes in Highland – What You Should Know

There have been increased interactions between residents and coyotes in Highland Park, specifically in the park areas – Crosby Park.  We should all be cautious when hiking in the park areas, especially with pets.  Here is some information from Nick McCann at the University of Minnesota to help us understand coyote behavior and how people should respond when they are seen.

It’s Coyote Pupping Season!  What  You Need to Know to Coexist