EAB Removal in Highland


The removal of EAB from the Highland National Golf Course began on Monday, January 9th. The removal of Emerald Ash on the golf courses is a result of the increase in funding that was allocated to Parks. Highland National begins today with Como Golf starting after the ski programs ends.

Two bids awarded;
• Tree Trust – Como Golf 175 trees
• YTS Company- Highland National / Highland 9 309 trees.
• 1-2 days for cutting of the trees at the 18 hole Highland National course.
• 3-4 days for staging the trees in designated areas to be chipped and processed.
• January 17 to start the chipping and grinding process.
• Tentative start date of January 23 for the Highland 9 hole.

In an effort to minimize any damage to the golf turf, the YTS company has met with golf staff and has identified and packed all appropriate access points and the routes to use for the removal.