Street Sweeping Begins on Tuesday, April 14th

Highland Park Street Sweeping Map 

Residents should look for temporary “no parking” signs to avoid a ticket

SAINT PAUL – The mild start to spring is allowing Saint Paul Public Works crews to get an early start to spring residential street sweeping on Tuesday, April 14. All residential streets will be swept over the next several weeks. Crews will start with areas that were not swept last fall due to the early onset of winter.

“Periodic street sweeping not only beautifies our streets, but it is also a vital part of the City’s environmental efforts,” said Public Works Director Kathy Lantry. “Sweeping removes debris that can harm the water quality of our lakes and streams, thereby improving our environment and the livability of Saint Paul.”

Although crews have been sweeping arterial streets since March 30, they need to wait for the ground to thaw and the soil to stabilize under the curb and gutter areas before they can begin sweeping residential streets. If crews proceed too early with sweeping in these areas, the heavy equipment could damage the streets.

Look for temporary no parking signs
Crews will post temporary “no parking” signs at least 24 hours in advance before sweeping any streets, banning parking from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. the day the street is swept. Drivers should not park along these streets until the signs are removed. Vehicles parked in the “no parking” zone could be ticketed.

Pushing debris into streets is illegal
Pushing leaves, grass clippings, or other debris into City streets is prohibited. Anything that goes down a storm drain flows directly into nearby lakes and rivers, and decomposing plant material in the water encourages the growth of harmful aquatic plants and algae.

Maps and additional information
To access maps and find out when crews are visiting a specific neighborhood, visit Call the 24-hour street maintenance hotline at 651-266-9700 with other questions about sweeping.